SPTTC Club Rules

The play area is for SPTTC members for training, practicing and league programs.

No shoes that mark or damage the playing surface are allowed in the play area.

No eating, smoking or rubber gluing is allowed in the play area.

Please bring your own balls for play. Club balls are for coaching use only.

Players must act in a civil manner. The club manager has the right to ask players to leave due to improper behavior or behavior that might cause harm to others.

All players under 13 must be supervised by a parent or other adult except during lessons.

The club is not responsible for personal injuries or lost or stolen items.

The club utilizes 24 hour surveillance cameras.

The same two players may not play on the same table for more than 30 minutes at a time. After 30 minutes of play, one or both players must leave the table and allow someone else to take their place. You are then able to use any other table when it becomes available. If you wish to play more than 30 minutes with the same player, please check with the SPTTC staff.

No coaching is allowed at SPTTC other than through official staff coaches. Anyone who is not an official SPTTC coach should use their own facilities for coaching. Violating this rule can result in your membership being terminated.

Open Play Rules

Open play will be Monday through Friday, 5:00 - 7:30 pm.

No multi-ball training is allowed during open play time if people are waiting to play.

All matches are best of five games. A game is to eleven points. A three minute warm-up is permitted.

To challenge a table, the player must put his/her paddle at the side of the table below the net; no other marker will be recognized. A player can challenge only one table at a time.

When tables are full, each player is limited to two consecutive matches or one 20-minute practice session on a table. However, if two or more challengers are waiting, both players must resign the table after their match or 20 minute practice.

If a player gives up his/her spot on the table, the next challenger in line takes the open spot. The player giving up the table cannot designate a replacement.

Have lots of fun playing table tennis!