SPTTC offers many youth programs during the year, including after school and vacation programs, where kids can learn table tennis fundamentals in a positive and safe environment. We also partner with other organizations to provide activities in such areas as academics, art, and chess.

For further information or questions, please call Jerry Li at 425-502-9060, 206-922-9282 or email

2019 - 2020 After School Program

SPTTC provides an after school program during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Our after school program includes one full hour of group table tennis lessons each day along with other healthy and relaxed activities. You can choose between our regular program or one of our combined partner programs (4 + 1 option). The 4 + 1 program consists of four afternoons per week at SPTTC and one afternoon per week at one of our partner programs.

Regular Fees:
● $450/month* (five days/week)
● $30/day ($45/day if Wednesday only)
● $100/month (drop-in once a week for one hour group lesson (4 times))
● $165/month (drop-in twice a week for one hour group lesson (8 times))
● $25/day (drop-in, no pick up)

* Register for three successive months and get FREE camps for winter, mid-winter and spring breaks
(full payments for each month)

4 + 1 Option Fees:
● $490/month (4 days TT/1 day** Chess4Life)
● $480/month (4 days TT/1 day** Best in Class)
● $480/month (4 days TT/1 day** Shaolin Kung Fu)
● $450/month (4 days TT/1 day** NW Chinese School - Tue (grade K-2), Thu (grade 4-6)
● $690/month (4 days TT/1 day** HiScore Gifted Test Prep - Mon (grade 1), Wed or Fri (grades 2-8)

** 4 times/month (for monthly registration only)

Fees include free transportation from Bellevue scools.
Kids can stay at SPTTC until 6pm with no additional charges.

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