SPTTC offers league play every Saturday evening. This is a chance for players of all skill levels to come and enjoy some friendly competition.


Current Club Ratings


1. The winner of group 1 will be rewarded with a $70 prize and the second place prize is $15. The group 2 winner will also receive $15.
2. If the total collection of the night is less than $50, the winner will receive the total amount collected.


1. League registration starts at 12:00 pm day of the league. Players can either call 425-644-7833 to register or register through the Facebook SPTTC Net messenger.
2. Once the player limit is reached (currently 40 players), registration will be closed to any more players.
3. Please arrive by 4:30 pm to pay and allow time for warming up.
4. Players will be snake drawn into 3 different round robin groups.
5. Group 1 will consist of the top 11 players plus the previous week group 2 winner. (2 RR groups of 6 players.)
6. Group 2 will consist of the next 13 players plus the previous week group 3 winner. (2 RR groups of 7 players.)
7. Group 3 will consist of the last 14 players. (2 RR groups of 7 players.)
8. The top 2 finishers in each group will advance to single elimination cross over semifinal play. The winners of the semifinals will play to determine the winner for each of the 3 different groups.
9. The winners of group 2 and 3 will advance to group 1 and group 2 the following week as long as they show up for league.

Rating Adjustments

Players are allowed to use their USATT tournament rating if after a sanctioned USATT tournament, their new tournament rating is higher than their current SPTTC league rating. This only applies to the next time said player plays in the SPTTC league.


5:00pm - 9:00pm


$8.00 for members

$16.00 for non-members

$8.00 for junior members

$12.00 for junior non-members

If a participant arrives before 5pm and wishes to practice, an additional $5 fee will be added.